Foster Caring and Sharing

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals seeking to show love and generosity to the foster children and families of Olmsted County, Minnesota.

What We Do

Together, with your help and local business support, our goal is to bless the Foster Care community with tangible gifts that meet their needs, and help the family have fun together!

Why We Do It

Since the onset of COVID-19, now, more than ever, as a society, we can recognize what a disruption to routine can do to our sense of security and mental well-being. As families, we know that this can be a very trying time for our children who do not fully understand what is happening in the world around us. As we better come to understand the hardship that comes along with the uncertainty of tomorrow, we wanted to take the opportunity to equip our community to bless children and young adults (ages 0-18+) in Foster Care who have often experienced that sense of uncertainty for weeks, months, or even years as well as encourage the families who come alongside them by providing them the homes and stability they crave.